a completed invisible finish to a crocheted circle in single crochet stitches.

Invisible Finish for Amigurumi

Sometimes we just want our finished edges to look smooth, without that obvious jog between the last stitch and the previous row. Enter the Invisible Finish!

Here you can see the before and after pics:

Step 1: Insert the yarn tail into a tapestry needle. In the second single crochet stitch (sc) to the left of the last stitch you created, insert and pull the needle through both loops toward the outside edge.

Step 2: Pull yarn tail all the way through the 2nd sc. Viola, you have just created the first half of a new faux sc stitch!

Step 3: Push the needle through the back loop of the original last sc of the round toward the outside.

Step 4: Pull the yarn tail all the way through that back loop. Tighten just enough (you may have to massage the new faux stitch with your fingers just a bit) until the two loops of the new faux stitch look “natural.” Isn’t that cool? That faux stitch bridges the obvious gap from the beginning of our tutorial.

Now you have completed the invisible finish! Weave in the end of your yarn tail according to your pattern and go forth feeling happily smug! 😀

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